About Us

Capital Asia Investments (CAI) is a Capital Markets Services (CMS) Licenced Fund Management Company (LFMC) with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). CAI specialises in finding you money to take your family businesses to the next stage, grows your money using unique & proprietary investment models in the market, and protects your money by efficient use of offshore structuring, succession planning and crisis prevention.

The partners of CAI individual have done work for central banks & family offices in investment management, real estate development, offshore personal wealth structuring and listed companies.

Our Mission & Values


CAI Raises Capital for your businesses

No matter where you have come from, CAI looks ahead with you in terms of finding the resources to take your family businesses to the next level. Our partners have raised significant capital for our clients via private placements and initial public offerings (IPOs).

Through our expertise and alliances with investors and corporate finance specialists, unlocking the value of your businesses this way allows you the resources needed to make new acquisitions, expand your business, or simply exit your business.

CAI Invests your assets

We differ from most investment managers in that we find unique investment situations in the equity, forex, commodity, interest rates using our investment models.

For example, few managers can show you:

  • how certain moves in gold can trigger high conviction trades in the currencies,
  • or how at certain times of the year, a high percentage phenomenon happens in heating oil which can be used to unlock profits; or
  • how one particular occurrence in the middle of the year often triggers a mini bull rally in the Singapore Stock Market.

These and other unique situations are what our investment strategies are all about. All under one roof.

CAI Protects your family

Our clients look to us to structure their family wealth the way they want to.

We use specialised onshore or offshore structures that can generate instant estates, yet are tax advantaged and accepted by all legal jurisdictions. We ensure proper legacy and succession planning of your family wealth, and leave nothing to chance.

We understand that decades of growing your family wealth can be unravelled in an instant, and are concerned about how iron-clad and secure your wealth is, for generations to come.

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