Customised Client Solutions

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At CAI, our clients’ needs form the backbone of all we do. From capital raising via our alliance of funders and corporate banks, to multi-asset class portfolio management, to offshore structuring of family wealth, our solutions are never the same from client to client because they are customised.

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Investing for Yield Enhancement

Clients seeking yields and consistent cashflows often choose our fixed income portfolios or may mandate us to replicate the low-risk nature of a bond portfolio using alternatives.


Capital preserved mandates

Risk adverse clients can simply use the yield from existing bond, stocks or real estate investments to take on more opportunities in other assets like currencies or commodities, but are only willing to risk the yield and not impact capital.

Example of a ‘Capital-Preserved’ Portfolio

Example of a ‘Capital-Preserved’ Portfolio


  1. Takes advantage of specific market’s unique behavioural signature
  2. Scientific, Scalable and Risk-focused
  3. Trend agnostic – we are not ‘married’ to any view and can profit from uptrending, neutral or downtrending markets.
Capital Raising

Together with our investors, we can take the client from a private family business to a listed company. This unlocks huge financial resources to take the business to the next level.

Family Offices

Our family office practice solves our clients’ biggest problems in:

  • succession planning
  • legacy planning
  • estate management
  • offshoring of wealth
  • asset structuring
  • real estate investment management