Our Fund Mandates

  • CAI Capital Preserved Strategies

    We focus on creating customised portfolio solutions to address risk concerns, and in some cases, the construction of capital preserved solutions across some asset classes.

  • CAI Global Multi Asset Trends Fund

    We focus on generating absolute returns in the all the major asset classes. Our proprietary quantitative models deliver performance through the process of screening, tracking and anticipating predictable behaviour in the markets.

    Depending on client needs, this fund may be leveraged up or down to accommodate any risk budget and timeframe. Risk budget flexibility is a hallmark of these strategies, and are designed to suit the client’s future asset-liability matching (ALM) requirements.

  • “Portable Alpha” Capabilities

    For clients with existing investment portfolios, we can be relied upon to provide additional returns in specific markets or asset classes outside the pre-existing mandate. This nature of “portable alpha” (or returns) gives the portfolio added performance potential without the need to set up a new fund.