Investment Focus

CAI has been involved in multiple equity transactions, from Private Placements to strategic cornerstone investment roles for IPO’s and Real Estate Prospects, tapping into proprietary strategies that pave the way for us to invest opportunistically for our clients.  

Customised Client Led Solutions

We work with an established network of key financial service providers including investment banks and private banks to offer a wide range of financial products and solutions, thereby strengthening our investments capabilities. This enables CAI to maintain an open platform to source for competitively priced products in the marketplace for our clients in addition to our full- discretionary management mandates.

Proprietary Solutions

With extensive in-house quantitative research, the CAI investment team has curated an arsenal of asset classes as well as effective asset allocation algorithms. As such, we are able to offer robust proprietary investment models capable of capturing positive returns in both bullish and bearish markets. These models are also highly customizable, allowing us to better meet each investor’s risk tolerance versus return expectations.


Successful families can institutionalise their family finances into a family office, which is responsible for a spectrum of services. We can build this for you – in-house or outsourced – which allows you to focus on your core businesses. Our expertise includes but is not limited to Treasury Management, Succession Planning, Wills & Trust Consulting, 2nd Gen Wealth Transfer, ALM Strategies, Risk Management and more.

Real Estate

With Real Estate being a favourite alternative asset class for Asian investors, the team in CAI has a strong track record in originating property investment opportunities in Singapore and key cities across Asia. We are able to provide whole end-to-end value chain for clients to participate in every phase of the process and work with known and established partners for access to assets in the Asian region. Our focus here is to create long-term value and deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

Special Opportunities

In recent years, the SPAC(“Special Purpose Acquisition Company”)structure has gained popularity in the US market and as such, we are witnessing other international exchanges moving to adopt this trend instead of the traditional IPO route.  Hence, CAI is exploring potential SPAC opportunities in order to meet our client’s investment needs and goals.